Colored Diamond Engagement Rings Provide Added Meaning and Glamour

Colored stones are one of the best ways to make sure your engagement ring stands out from the crowd. A colored stone can even add extra meaning to this already meaningful piece of jewellery. Selecting your fiancée’s birthstone, going with her favorite color, or incorporating a family heirloom are some of the ways you can choose to personalize your engagement ring. For added glamour, colored stones look luxurious in combination with classic white diamonds.

What gives diamonds color?

To explain how a diamond becomes colored, we first need to understand where diamonds come from. Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth, about 160 km (100 miles) below the Earth’s surface. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago when carbon atoms bonded together under intense heat and pressure. If carbon was the only element involved in the bonding process, then a diamond will appear colorless or white. If other elements also bonded with the carbon atoms, that’s when you get natural diamonds that are pink, yellow, brown, red, or even green. For instance, the presence of boron causes diamonds to appear blue.

Colored diamonds, as well as white diamonds, are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is a grading laboratory that regulates the worldwide diamond market according to stringent standards. Generally speaking, white and colorless diamonds are valued for brilliance and clarity while colored diamonds are valued for purity and intensity of color.

Yellow diamonds

A yellow diamond is a rare natural phenomenon that provides an intriguing alternative to white or colorless diamonds. Also called canary diamonds, yellow diamonds come in a wide range of color intensities. Some can be very close to white with only a hint of yellow, while others show no trace of whiteness whatsoever.  

The yellow color comes from the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. A yellow diamond can also contain secondary tones, such as orange, brown, and green. These secondary tones can also be present in combination, which can produce interesting hues in natural yellow diamonds.

At St-Onge Jeweller, you can find a yellow diamond engagement ring, dubbed Opera, adorned with a “Fancy Intense” yellow cushion cut diamond offered in a range of carat weights and with several choices of precious metal.

Black diamonds

Black diamonds are formed in a similar way to white diamonds. They appear black because they contain a high amount of graphite clusters. The mineral graphite is another form of carbon, just like a white diamond is, and was also formed under intense heat and pressure. In fact, graphite and diamonds are the only two polymers of carbon that are naturally formed.

At St-Onge, we also offer a black diamond engagement ring, called Adele, that comes with a black diamond central stone in your choice of carat weight and whose band is adorned with six black diamonds interspersed with four brilliant cut white diamonds.

Adele Solitaire Black & white Diamond Engagement Ring SR-1014

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