Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The word “solitaire” is used to describe a single diamond, or a single gemstone, set on a piece of jewellery, whether it’s earrings, a pendant, or, most popularly, an engagement ring. For example, a solitaire diamond ring holds a single diamond. The word “solitaire” does not refer to the diamond’s shape. For that reason, a solitaire engagement ring is, simply put, an engagement ring with a single stone.

Gemologists agree that the cut of a diamond is the key to its brilliance. A diamond cut with the right proportions is more luminous than a poorly cut diamond. Even if a diamond has a good color and clarity, a poor cut will affect its brilliance. Cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but to its symmetry, proportioning, and polish.

The most popular solitaire engagement ring styles vary by diamond shape. What follows is some of the most popular solitaire shapes and diamond cuts available at St-Onge Jeweller.

Round solitaire

Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring This style of solitaire engagement ring features a round brilliant cut diamond, which is the most popular cut for solitaire engagement rings. Elegant and distinguished, the simple setting enhances a diamond’s natural beauty and brilliance. A round brilliant cut diamond offers unequaled brilliance and sparkle when well cut. If you’re looking for a diamond with outstanding fire and brilliance, but budget is a consideration, this cut can enhance a lower color grade diamond in a way which other, fancier, cuts cannot – as long as the diamond has very good cut, polish, and symmetry.

Cushion solitaire

Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingThe cushion cut produces a square style diamond with rounded corners. First conceived over 200 years ago, the sparkle of a cushion diamond is timelessly sophisticated. If you’re looking for a solitaire engagement ring with elegant design and understated sparkle, then a cushion solitaire is the right choice.


Princess solitaire

Another square style, the princess cut diamond is one of the most popular styles of solitaire engagement rings. First created in the 1980s, this cut is designed to achieve maximum brilliance from the diamond. Featuring straight edges and sharp, uncut corners, it is a cut that minimizes waste, giving you more sparkle for your money. The princess cut combines the brilliance of a round cut with the clean angles of a square shape.

Oval solitaire

Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingThis style of solitaire engagement ring is an elongated alternative to the round brilliant cut, providing similar sparkle and fire. Highly popular since its creation in the 1950s, this cut combines the brilliance of the round cut with a shape more flattering to smaller hands. Truly eye-catching, oval diamonds also appear larger than comparable cuts of similar carat weight.


Emerald cut solitaire

Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingFor this style of solitaire engagement ring, the stone is a rectangular step cut diamond, with cropped corners. Originally created to showcase the clarity and interior light and shade of colored gemstones, the emerald cut’s inner planes of both light and dark give the diamond an elegant, understated sparkle and the ring a classic style. The emerald cut is a superb choice for diamonds of higher color and clarity grades.


What makes the solitaire engagement ring so special?

The solitaire engagement ring is a classic design that sends a powerful and simple message of commitment. No other style brings out the beauty of the central diamond in quite the same way. Solitaire ring settings belong to the category known as prong settings. Prongs are small metal claws used to hold the diamond in place. This type of setting exposes the diamond to a maximum amount of light, making the most of its fire and brilliance.

Here are some of our models showing variations in the number and position of the claws:

4 prongs Solitaire Engagement Ring


4 prongs on an angle Solitaire Engagement Ring



6 prongs Solitaire Engagement Ring



Double-claw prongs Solitaire Engagement Ring




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