Wedding Bands for Him and Her: Should They Match?

For many couples, their wedding bands represent the ultimate symbol of their commitment. In this way, a couple who chooses matching wedding rings are choosing to show the depth of their commitment for each other. Because men have more choice than ever today when it comes to selecting a wedding ring, more and more couples are choosing matching wedding bands

St-Onge Jeweller is the smart choice for your wedding bands. All St-Onge jewellery is made entirely in Montreal with top quality materials and using the latest technology.

For the bride, wedding rings for women come in a variety of 18Kt yellow, rose and white gold styles, ranging from traditional plain gold bands, through diamond anniversary bands, to diamond eternity bands.

For the groom,  wedding bands for men are available in 18Kt yellow, rose and white gold or even in two-tone gold, including plain gold rings, rings set with one or more diamonds, as well as rings with engraving and milligrained rings.

Do wedding bands need to be an exact match?

Depending on how important tradition is to you, your wedding rings do not have to be identical to each other. To this extent, you could choose wedding bands of the same shape but different widths. If you do, the wider band is usually for a man. Another possibility could be wedding bands of the the same shape but different metals – for example, yellow gold for the groom and white gold for the bride or even vice versa.

Matching, but not identical

The most important thing is that each member of the couple feels good about the decision because wedding bands are worn for life. What should a couple do, however, if the man, for instance, prefers a simple plain band, without diamonds, but the woman prefers one studded with diamonds? A winning option would be to choose the same alloy for both bands while keeping the man’s ring as simple as possible. Even though rose gold is becoming more popular all the time, the classic alloys are still yellow gold and white gold.

In other words, choosing a diamond-set wedding ring for the bride and a plain band for the groom, both made from the same precious metal, is the ideal compromise for matching your wedding rings in perfect harmony.

If you have any remaining questions, we invite you to contact us. Our jewellery experts will be happy to answer you. At St-Onge, we have a skilled and dynamic team ready to welcome you and guide you through the process of choosing your wedding bands. And, remember, we offer the possibility of designing custom wedding bands through our personalized creation service.

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