You are ready for the big marriage proposal! Not sure where to start, where to go, what criteria to look for or what questions to ask? Here are the 10 most asked questions when buying an engagement ring.

Which model of ring model should I choose?

You're ready to buy an engagement ring, but don't know what style to choose? Trust your taste but keep in mind the most important thing: the personality and lifestyle of your fiancée. After all, she is the one who will be wearing it! If she ever hints or gives clues about the ring she’s always dreamed of, your job will be much easier. So, pay close attention and take notes! To help you better understand the different ring styles available, we invite you to read our article Diamond Engagement Rings: Find Your Style! If you prefer giving your fiancée a unique engagement ring, we also offer custom jewellery design. Contact us to learn more.

What are the different precious metals available?

Our engagement rings are available in various precious metals such as platinum or yellow, rose, or white gold. The preferred choice? Our 18Kt white gold alloyed with palladium alloy, a hypoallergenic metal that retains its whiteness unlike nickel that tarnishes with time. One thing is for sure, we will gladly help you find a superior quality engagement ring within your budget.

Which size of diamond should I choose?

Once the ring is selected, it is time to make it sparkle with a beautiful diamond. Other than the ever popular round shape, many different cuts are also prized: cushion, princess, oval, and more. Unleash your originality!

Which characteristic of diamonds is the most important to consider?

When the time comes to choose a diamond, you need to consider the 4C's of a diamond. Before even considering the color, clarity, and carat, though, the most important characteristic to take into consideration is the cut of the diamond. If the cut of a diamond is not good, it will not be as brilliant as another stone cut with the right proportions. A diamond with excellent or very good cut is what you should look for. To learn more about the characteristics of diamonds, we invite you to visit our page on the 4C's of a diamond.

How long does it take to craft a ring?

Once the engagement ring is selected, you should plan a manufacturing and delivery lead-time of about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the time of year. For a personalized creation, expect a few more weeks.

Where are the engagement rings crafted?

St-Onge Jeweller wants to offer superior quality products at competitive prices. That is why all our pieces of jewellery are designed and manufactured in our workshop located in downtown Montreal. That way, we can control the entire manufacturing process, from design to finished product. In addition to superior quality products made entirely in Quebec, St-Onge Jeweller offers certified Canadian diamonds. To learn more, please visit our page on Certified Canadian Diamonds.

What should I do if I don’t know my girlfriend’s ring size?

That is not a problem! Here are some solutions to help you estimate as accurately as possible her finger size. You can subtly borrow one of her rings and bring it to our workshop. You can also download and print our Finger Size Guide and use one of her rings as a reference. Don’t worry if neither of these options works. We will manufacture the ring in a standard size, which is 6.5 and if the ring does not fit we will gladly resize it at no extra cost.

What guarantee comes with an engagement ring?

All St-Onge engagement rings are offered with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. In addition to the guarantee you get a cleaning / polishing service for free for the 3 years subsequent to your purchase. This also gives us the opportunity to do an annual inspection of the prongs. Please refer to the Lifetime Guarantee page for more details.

Should I buy wedding rings at the same time as the engagement ring?

This is not necessary. Instead we suggest you come back to see us about 3 months prior to your wedding date to choose your wedding bands... together! Click to browse through the Wedding Bands for Women and Wedding Bands for Men.

Does my ring come in a box?

Your ring comes in a beautiful St-Onge black box. Such precious symbol should be protected in style!