Diem Collection

2018 saw the return of simplicity, a desire for sobriety, paring down everything extraneous and going back to the essential. St-Onge Jewelry was inspired by this trend to create a minimalist jewelry line. Timeless, this range has been thoughtfully named DIEM, which means “day” in latin. Each piece carries its own name, Solis, Hora, Milia, Dia, Luna… recalling that every day is a new opportunity to express your unique personality, to reinvent yourself over time. More accessible, as much in appearance as in cost, it was designed in the spirit of ready-to-wear, for the woman wanting one or few pieces she will be able to wear on a daily basis, no matter the occasion.

The Diem jewelry collection consists of rings, earrings and pendants with minimalistic style and sleek lines. Although this collection will undoubtedly charm all women aged 16 to 45 years, we believe that it will attract particularly young women wishing to acquire their first quality jewel without leaving it their fortune; as well as working women wanting a resistant, yet delicate gem, that they can wear on a daily basis, regardless of their daily activities.

Entirely designed and manufactured in our Montreal workshop, the quality of our jewels is unparalleled to what is currently available on the market for the same price. Better crafted than the models offered by the competition, our hypoallergenicrings are delicate and solid all at once. Gorgeous when worn individually, they are even more breathtaking when paired or stacked, depending on your mood of the moment! The Diem Collection is available online and in store.

Available in 3 gold colors: 18k white gold with palladium alloy, 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold. Each piece is made of solid gold so they are not emptied or thinned to lighten the pieces. Diem jewelry is also offered with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect.