The St-Onge Ring selection features diamond rings and rings set with colored gemstones. St-Onge rings stand out from the ordinary thanks to superior craftsmanship worthy of the world’s most famous jewellery houses!

Whether for a glamorous evening, a special occasion, an anniversary, or just for the joy of having a unique piece on your finger, you will find a diamond ring or a gemstone ring that will surely please you. You won’t be able to resist falling under the spell of one of our rings set with unique gemstones or a carefully selected colored diamond ring.

We specialize in designing unique jewellery inspired as much by nature, as by history and architecture, as well as the texture of precious metals, gemstones, and other noble materials. Our superb rings are adorned with gemstones of varied, and pleasantly surprising, shapes, colors and provenance. We have styles for every taste. Our superior quality fine jewellery is distinctly feminine and chic. Fall in love with the exceptional craftsmanship of Signature diamond rings by St-Onge. Our overriding desire in designing our ring collection is to show the precious metals and gemstones to their fullest advantage.

When creating a new piece, St-Onge Jeweller’s main objective is to highlight the beauty and luxuriance of the gemstones we use. Our rings are studded with colored diamonds, sapphires, garnets, pearls, tourmaline, or topaz, all set in 18kt white, yellow or rose gold. Our gemstones come from all over the world. We have stones from Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Brazil – and that’s just the beginning.

Is there a piece you would like to have custom made, such as a diamond ring? Then turn to our personalized creations service. Feel free to drop by one of our boutiques or to contact us for more information. Let us work together to develop a truly unique design that accurately reflects your taste and style.

A St-Onge ring is a symbol of superior quality, originality, femininity, and true uniqueness. Visit one of our boutiques to see our unique and original jewellery in store. We will be happy to show you our creations and have you try some on.

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