Wedding Bands for Men

Symbols of commitment synonymous with eternal love, wedding bands for men must be chosen carefully. To show the world your unconditional love for each other, take the opportunity to choose your wedding band from our wide selection of classic and timeless styles of superior quality. Our men’s wedding rings are suitable for everyone. The quality of our craftsmanship makes St-Onge Jeweller the standard bearer for outstanding fine jewellery that is the very emblem of elegance and ultimate refinement.

Our wedding bands for men are available in 18Kt yellow, rose, white gold with palladium alloy or platinum, or even in two-tone gold. Choose a plain gold ring, a ring set with one or more diamonds, a ring with engraving, or a milligrained ring. Wedding bands are available in different widths, from 4 to 8 mm, depending on your preference. You also have the choice of glossy or satin finish, or even a mixture of the two. To add a personal touch to your wedding ring, why not have it engraved with a tender message or a significant date on the inside of it?

Although the exchange of wedding vows and rings dates back a few thousand years, wedding bands for men only became popular towards the middle of the 20th century. Men who went to fight the Second World War wore wedding rings as powerful symbolic reminders of their wives back home, something to carry them through hardship. Ever since then, men, like their wives, have proudly worn their wedding bands on the left ring finger.

When choosing a wedding ring, men prefer a comfortable style that is both classic and timeless. Without question, St-Onge Jeweller has the perfect ring for you, one that will please both you and your future spouse. Seal your undying love for one another with a men’s wedding band designed and made by St-Onge.

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