Wedding Bands for women

The wedding band, or wedding ring, is a powerful and eloquent symbol of two people united by the bond of marriage. It is without a doubt considered the most symbolic piece of jewelry in the world. A wedding ring’s circular shape represents eternal union and harmony. These bands were first used as engagement rings, but the tradition evolved over time and men and women began to exchange rings to show their commitment to one another. Unlike the traditional engagement ring, wedding rings are worn by both women and men. Using wedding rings on the day of the wedding during the exchange of vows is a tradition that began in Ancient Rome.

In different countries, and at different points in history, wedding rings have been worn on different fingers – and even different hands. It was not until the 16th and 17th centuries that they began to be worn on the left hand. Doctors at the time believed that a vein in the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart. Another reason is that the left side of the body is associated with feelings of love because that is where the heart is found.

Since the origins of the tradition, wedding rings have gone through many changes in style. From a simple metal band, to a plain gold wedding ring, to a wedding band studded with diamonds and gemstones or adorned with engraving.

St-Onge Jeweller offers a large selection of wedding rings for women in 18Kt yellow, rose, white gold with palladium alloy or platinum. You have the choice of a traditional plain gold band, a diamond anniversary band (half set with diamonds), a diamond eternity band (entirely set with diamonds), a scattered diamond band (diamonds set in alternation), or, simply, an engraved wedding band.

Ladies, we can take your engagement ring into consideration when designing and making your wedding ring, so that the two fit together in perfect harmony Even the most elaborate engagement ring is entitled to its custom-made matching wedding band.

You can also add a personal touch that is close to your heart by having some tender words or a significant date engraved on the inside of your wedding ring.

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