About Us

Upon obtaining his degree in 1972 from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California, Robert St-Onge was appointed, as a gemologist, by Henry Birks & Sons. Five years later he opened his own lab while still maintaining a close relationship with the famous jewellery retailer.

All these years spent perfecting the slightest aspect of his art shape in him the desire for a life: to create his own range of unique, refined, the greatest quality jewelry. In 2004, the small business turned into a family company when its children, Janie and Frédéric, joined him in the adventure.

By founding the St-Onge Maison, he brought under one roof the excellence of the great craftsmen, the exclusivity of personalized creations and the values ​​of trust that have made its reputation. The St-Onge jewelry has now been a family business established in Quebec for over 40 years.