Why do we offer a lifetime guarantee

Made according to very strict quality standards, the jewelry of the St-Onge jewelry are carefully inspected before their exit from our workshops. Our know-how and our manufacturing processes are a guarantee of quality. This is why we are able to offer you an assessment certificate for insurance written by our gemology laboratory, as well as a lifetime guarantee on all our products.

Lifetime warranty conditions

In order to ensure the validity of the lifetime warranty of your engagement ring, an annual verification of the claws of your ring must be carried out in the workshop of the St-Onge jewelry. Although the diamond is the hardest stone with an index of 10 on the ladder of hardness and that the St-Onge jewelry only sells high quality diamonds, it remains however possible to break or fracture a diamond. Please note that the color stones of our jewelry as well as the central diamond on our engagement rings are not covered by the lifetime warranty. This is why we recommend that you get an insurance policy covering the loss and breakage of the central diamond, as well as the loss and theft of your ring if a breakage should arise, we strongly suggest you cease to wear your jewel and come to see us in the workshop for an inspection. If the problem occurs following a manufacturing defect, we will repair at no cost. If the breakage is accidental or occurs following normal wear, only the minimum costs required to make the repair will be invoiced.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, you can benefit free of charge once a year, for a period of 3 years following the purchase of your jewelry, our polishing service, and rhodium finish for white gold jewelry. We also offer an unlimited in -depth cleaning number of your jewelry as well as verification of the claws, all free of charge. In order to preserve the shine of your jewelry, the St-Onge jewelry advises you to perform daily cleaning at home. To learn more about the daily cleaning of your jewelry, we invite you to consult the our maintenance tips section.

Do you want a larger diamond?

Take advantage of our diamond exchange service service. Indeed, the St-Onge jewelry offers you the possibility of exchanging your current diamond for a larger diamond at any time. The diamond must have been bought at St-Onge jewelry. This offer is valid when you exchange your stone for another by at least double its value. The recovery value is the initial purchase price of the stone before the taxes.

For any questions about our lifetime warranty and the diamond diamond exchange service St-Onge, please contact us at 514 871-1676 or by email.