Frequently Asked Questions

Our creations are entirely designed, manufactured, set and polished in our Montreal workshop.

Gold jewelry : At St-Onge Jeweller we only work with 18Kt gold. All our pieces of jewellery are made in solid gold and none are plated.

18kt white gold: 24kt pure gold is yellow. In order to obtain white gold an alloy must be added to the yellow gold. At St-Onge Jeweller only palladium alloy is used in the manufacturing of our white gold jewellery. This alloy is best known for its hypoallergenic properties, compared to nickel which is widely used in products sold on the market and which can be very harmful. More than 15% of the population is allergic to nickel. The most common reactions in contact with this metal are rashes and small pimples on the skin. Our entire jewellery selection contains NO nickel. 18k Yellow and rose gold: Silver and/or copper alloy is used in our yellow or pink gold pieces of jewellery.

Silver jewelry:Our silver jewellery is made of silver 925

Platinum jewelry: If you have a preference for Platinum, we can also produce your piece in this metal.

Yes ! All our jewelry is made with 100% nickel -free hypoallergenic metals.

Our greatest pride is that we make "A to Z" all our high-end products in our Montreal atelier ourselves. We use noble materials such as 18KT gold and platinum as well as Canadian diamonds Coming from legitimate sources in accordance with the Kimberley process. We are keen to offer you the best value for money. The origin and the quality of our materials as well as the health of our customers are our priority. None of our jewelry contains nickel and/or other metal that can be harmful in contact with the skin.

Better making than the models made by competition, our jewelry is both delicate and solid. Better resistant to everyday vagaries, they can be worn without worry and elegantly in your everyday life.

Our products are manufactured according to strict quality standards. We are proud to be able to offer you a lifetime guarantee On all our products against any manufacturing defect. If a manufacture of manufacture should occur, we install without additional costs on your part.

Any damage caused by not recommended use, an attempt to repair your part, a modification or a lack of your jewelry, the latter is not covered by our life guarantee.

To find out more, visit our page Lifetime guarantee.

You can refer to our Size guide In order to find your finger size as precise as possible. You have doubts about the size of your finger, contact us at or at 514-871-1676. We will be happy to help you.

Absolutely. The site is hosted on an SSL safety server, which means that all the data you send us online is encrypted and completely protected.