LAB GROWN DIAMONDS : an alternative to natural diamonds

Unlike natural diamonds created within the earth millions of years ago, lab grown diamonds, also know as lab created diamonds or man-made diamonds, are grown using high technology equipment under high temperature and high pressure.

Just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are classified according to the same criterias using grade of color, cut, clarity and carats.

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Here are a few models:

The diamond 4C's

The diamond world is both complex and fascinating. The many criteria that comprise it are precisely what makes it sometimes challenging to find your way around. In order to better understand this wonderful world, we have created a simple guide to the four main criteria: carat, size, colour and clarity.

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Diamond Certifications

GIA and CanadaMark certified natural diamonds and IGI certified Lab Grown diamonds are used at St-Onge Jeweller. The independent GIA and IGI reports provide a complete description of the diamond while the CanadaMark card confirms its origin. A certificate of evaluation for insurance purposes from our laboratory is also offered with any purchase at St-Onge.

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