Hypoallergenic metals


In the manufacture of white gold jewelry, nickel (Ni) is almost unanimously used in manufacturers for its whitening properties. However, the St-Onge jewelry has chosen to substitute nickel with a higher material: Palladium.

Why replace nickel in the manufacture of white gold jewelry?

The vast majority of manufacturers still use nickel in the composition of white gold jewelry, but very few people know that nickel is the most allergenic of metals. Indeed, more than 12 % of the population would be allergic, including a majority of women. Oxidation is the other phenomenon caused by nickel, gold very quickly taking a yellowish shade. Its use in jewelry manufacturing has already been prohibited in Europe for a few years, which has not yet been the case in America. It is important to note that a pure gold is a 24 kt gold. Thus, when we speak of an 18 kt gold jewel, this indicates that it is composed of 18/24 parts of pure gold and 6/24 parts of all kinds of all kinds, such as nickel, palladium, money, copper, etc. A carat (KT) is a unit which indicates the purity of gold and which should not be confused with the mass unit used for gems (CT).

What is Palladium?

Recognized especially for its hypoallergenic properties, the palladium is naturally white and considered as a precious metal. Belonging to the same group, and similar to the platinum, palladium is often used in the manufacture of surgical medicine tools. It is said of the palladium that it is pure, because it obtains its color and its chandelier directly in nature. In addition, it does not react to oxygen and therefore does not oxidize and retains its whiteness over time.

Why is St-Onge jewelry among the only jewelry to offer palladium?

Very few manufacturers use palladium in the manufacture of white gold jewelry because it is very complex to work. After having invested several years of adequate employment research in the Palladium, St-Onge jewelry is very proud to be able to offer this exceptional product and will continue its constant evolution in terms of manufacturing processes in order to always obtain a better quality product. It should be noted that there is no presence of nickel in yellow or pink st-onge. Fabricated according to very strict quality standards, the jewelry of the St-Onge jewelry are carefully inspected before their exit from Our workshops. Our know-how and our manufacturing processes are a guarantee of quality. This is why we are able to offer you an assessment certificate for insurance written by our gemology laboratory, as well as a lifetime guarantee on all our products.