Canadian diamonds of legitimate sources

Canadian diamonds are natural diamonds extracted from legitimate source mines : one of the territories or one of the provinces of Canada. Canada has played a leading role in the diamond industry in order to ensure that its diamonds are extracted in strict compliance with ethical principles and according to fair work practices.

In addition, they are undoubtedly in accordance with the Kimberley process, an international gross diamond certification system set up to avoid the purchase of diamonds offered by rebel movements in order to finance their military activities.

Diamond certifications

Only GIA and CanadaMark certified diamonds are used at St-Onge Jeweller. The independent GIA report provides a complete description of the diamond while the Canadamark card confirms its origin. A certificate of evaluation for insurance purposes from our laboratory is also offered with any purchase at St-Onge.

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The Diamond 4C's

The diamond world is both complex and fascinating. So many criteria, including it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. In order to better understand this wonderful world, we have created a simple guide to the four main criteria: carat, size, color and clarity.

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