Diamond engagement rings come in a multitude different shapes, sizes, and styles, from the traditional brilliant-cut round diamond to bolder styles with oval-cut or pear-shaped diamonds. Because you want your marriage proposal to be a special moment that you will both cherish forever, our desire is to help you find the perfect engagement ring that meets every expectation – both yours and hers.

To help you demystify the wonderful world of diamond engagement rings and help you make the right choice, we wrote this guide to the different styles of rings available at St-Onge Jeweller.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simple, elegant, distinguished, the diamond solitaire engagement ring is still, to this day, a bestseller. The focus of this style is entirely on the traditional brilliant-cut round diamond. We will be exploring this style in detail in our next blog post. 



Diamond Band

An engagement ring enhanced with a band of diamonds is more than simply chic. Its delicacy and finesse are unsurpassed. The central diamond is once again the focus of the piece and the additional diamonds along the band add extra sparkle. For this style, we also offer matching wedding rings, on which the design and placement of the diamonds on the matching wedding rings are harmonized with the engagement rings. Together they create a sublime whole.



Double Diamond Band

A more modern and bolder style, the double diamond band engagement ring is set with a central diamond enhanced by two bands of diamonds. This double banded style can also play two roles and serve as both engagement ring and wedding ring.


Trinity (3-stones)

Undeniably beautiful and always impressive, a trinity engagement ring is adorned with three stones. The central diamond is flanked on either side by two smaller diamonds. To add a touch of color and to make this ring even more sublime, you can choose a diamond flanked with colored stones.

Single Halo

Unique and refined, the single halo pavé-set diamond engagement ring is favored by many. The central diamond is enhanced by a single halo of small diamonds, giving it extra brilliance. A diamond band can also be added for extra bling.

Double Halo

Glamorous and sparkling from every surface, the double halo pavé-set diamond engagement ring is an impressive style with unmatched brilliance. The central diamond is surrounded by two halos of diamonds, enhanced by a single or double diamond band. With this superb ring on your finger, heads will surely turn!

While round, cushion, and princess cuts are popular styles for diamonds, engagement rings designed by St-Onge can be adapted to suit any cut of diamond, from oval and emerald cut to pear and heart shaped diamonds.

We invite you to browse our varied collection of engagement rings here on our website and learn more about our certified Canadian diamonds.

Feel free to contact us for more information. You can even make an appointment at one of our boutiques. We are here to help you find the perfect engagement ring!