If you are thinking that a jewellery store and a jeweller’s shop are the same thing, you might be surprised. These two terms may seem very close in meaning at first glance, but they are not at all the same. To clarify the difference between the two, we invite you behind the scenes of our workshop to give you a glimpse at the art that goes into crafting our creations.

To do so, let us compare the experience of visiting our jeweller’s shop with the experience you can expect when you visit a jewellery store.

What a jeweller’s shop offers its clientele

According to the Collins online dictionary, a jeweller is “a person whose business is the cutting, polishing, or setting of gemstones or the making, repairing, or selling of jewellery.” In short, a jeweller practices the art of mounting gemstones and diamonds on precious metals to make fine jewellery.

When creating a new piece, St-Onge Jeweller’s main objective is to highlight the beauty and luxuriance of the gemstones we use. Our rings are studded with, among others, colored diamonds, sapphires, garnets, pearls, tourmaline, or topaz, all set in 18kt white, yellow, or rose gold.

At St-Onge Jeweller, when we create a new piece of jewellery, we always aim to highlight the beauty and luxuriance of the precious stones we use. Our pieces are made entirely in our workshop in Montreal and we refuse to compromise quality when it comes to our manufacturing processes and the resulting pieces. As diamond specialists, we select stones according to strict criteria concerning size, purity, and color. We wish to obtain the utmost brilliance. We invite you to browse our collection of engagement rings to see for yourself how our work stands out from what is commonly found on the market.

Our creations are unique, but we can modify details according to your taste and adjust to your budget. For example, our various rings are set with colored diamonds, sapphires, tourmaline, garnets, pearls, topaz, all crafted with 18kt white, yellow, or rose gold.

What’s more, we offer a personalized creation service. If, among our current pieces, you don’t see a model that matches what you have in mind, we will be happy to work with you to create custom jewellery especially for you according to your tastes and according to your budget.

What a jewellery store offers its customers

The definition of a jewellery store, however, is much more basic. According to Wikipedia, a jewellery store is “a retail business establishment, that specializes in selling (and also buying) jewellery and watches.”

While some jewellery stores do provide services such as repairs, remodelling, and manufacturing, a large majority of jewellery store owners in Canada do not make the pieces they sell. In general, the typical shopping center jewellery store displays and sells pieces prefabricated by manufacturers.

In a typical jewellery store, you choose from the jewellery on display in the counter. Since most of these pieces are offered as-is, there is not much flexibility for changing a detail or two. Additionally, if you wish to have a diamond of specific size, there will be almost no latitude to change the stone. Indeed, the dealers and retailers who run most jewellery stores have in the vast majority of cases less knowledge of diamonds and other gemstones.

St-Onge Jeweller

Considering all the benefits a jeweller’s shop offers, we are proud to say that St-Onge Jeweller is the smart choice in terms of Montreal jewellery and Montreal jewellery stores. We believe that, just like the person who wears it, each piece of jewellery is unique. It ultimately becomes a testimonial to an exceptional story – the story of the wearer.